While we’d like to think the holidays are seamlessly merry and bright, without the right precautions that may not always be the case. The whirlwind of this magical time of year can sometimes cause things to slip our minds, but safety should never be one of them. Acknowledge and prepare for anything that could go wrong and enjoy the holiday season without worry. Here are 4 key safety tips to consider:

1. Decorate with diligence

Set the holiday mood and deck out your space with care this season. You don’t have to compromise on your decor for the safety of you, residents and guests. Look out for frayed wires and don’t leave any electronic decorations on and unattended. The same goes for any festive candles or cozy fires. Opt for a fresh live tree, which is less likely to catch on fire. Keep it watered daily and away from any heat sources. Be careful on ladders when garnishing your rental, as there are 200 decorating related injuries every holiday season.

2. Keep it calm in the kitchen

Enjoy the most delicious part of the season without fear of danger. With Christmas day following Thanksgiving in most home kitchen fires, it’s important to be prepared. Never leave the oven unattended and avoid wearing baggy clothing while cooking. Clean while you cook to avoid unnecessary clutter causing hazards. Ensure appliances and smoke alarms are working and in good condition before diving in. If all else fails, make sure you have a fire extinguisher close by and ready to go.

3. Go over guest guidelines

What’s a holiday without friends and family to share it with? While most landlords would agree, it’s still important to make sure you’re following guest guidelines outlined in the lease. If guests overstay their welcome there could be legal consequences that may result in eviction. When hosting holiday parties, consider the amount of space in your rental before setting the guest list to avoid overcrowding and fire hazards. Maintain a moderate noise level to avoid unhappy landlords and fellow residents.

4. Thwart holiday theft

Prevent any Grinch’s from stealing your Christmas by taking a few extra precautions this holiday season. Consider installing a video doorbell or if you know you’re going to be away, ask a friendly neighbor to keep an eye out for packages. Keep gifts and packaging out of sight to avoid sparking anyones curiosity. Maybe even have all deliveries held at your property’s front desk until you can retrieve and ensure its safety. While we’d all love to think everyone’s in the warm and bright holiday spirit, sadly that’s not always the case.