The highlight of the summer for many people is July 4th. The smell of grilled hot dogs and sunscreen permeates the air. While everyone celebrates the holidays different, there are some traditions that many almost everyone enjoys on the day celebrating the birth of America. 


No matter where you live, It’s almost certain there will be a parade somewhere nearby. Free candy, firetrucks, horses and bands are common staples at these festive parades!


Food always seems to work it’s way to the front of most holidays. Many traditional foods on the 4th are not that exciting on an ordinary day. But, on the 4th surrounded by friends and family, a basic hot dog with ketchup and mustard can suddenly be quite tasty! Potato chips, watermelon and burgers delight, as well.

Lake Day

If you’re lucky enough to own a boat, or know someone who does, the 4th of July is the perfect day to get out on the water! Rub in the sunscreen, turn on your favorite tunes and grab a raft. It won’t be long before your holiday is in full swing!


Watch them from the lake, the beach, the park or downtown. Most cities and towns offer multiple locations for this fun activity!


America’s game! Of course it makes the list. Whether you’re attending a game or pulling together a game in the backyard, this sport is not only nostalgic, but also relaxing.

Red, White and Blue

Today’s the day to bring out those American flag printed shirts, bath suits and shorts. Tables are lines with red, white and blue paper plates, napkins and decorations. Homes are decorated with colorful banners and miniature flags line many streets. Everyone enjoys a colorful display of America’s colors!