As we enter the slow season for rentals, consider spending some time investing in your property for the next big wave of new tenants. On average, properties receive up to 51% more applicants in summer vs winter making now the perfect time to spruce up your space in order to attract the most ideal renters at the most attractive price. Here are 5 easy improvements you can do all on your own:

1. Deep clean

While this may seem like an obvious option, it’s also one of the cheapest and simplest ways to impress tenants from the start. Scrub down and wipe all appliances, corners and surfaces. Pay close attention to detail, removing every smudge and bit of clutter, to make an excellent first impression.

2. Add a fresh coat of paint

Fading, scratches or dirty walls can be very unappealing when looking for a new home. Freshen up your space with a clean, neutral color that compliments the property and will appeal to many. Painting is a quick and effectively transformative project if done correctly and with proper care.

3. Upgrade bathroom fixtures

A bathroom that looks old or run down could be enough to turn potential renters away. Switch out your shower heads or ceiling light fixtures for more sophisticated, yet inexpensive options that will spruce up the room’s style. Check for things like leaky faucets and update knobs and towel rods for a low maintenance, low cost fix. If you have the time, consider redoing the bathroom flooring yourself and spend the labor money on the nicer tile you desire.

4. Refresh kitchen cabinets

Painting or refinishing cabinets could be just the easy makeover your kitchen needs for a fresh and clean look. Consider removing cabinet doors to create open-shelving that can increase your properties value by 4.2% more than expected. Open shelving can also be put onto walls from scratch with little effort. Pick out some new drawer pulls and reinvent your kitchen with just a few quick fixes.

5. Utilize lighting

Lighting sets the mood of the home. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the natural light your property has to offer by cleaning windows and removing bulky, unnecessary fixtures that may be blocking it out. Switch out outdated plastic blinds or paper shades for some neutral drapes or wooden blinds that will elevate the feel of your space. Invest in a dimmer switch and ensure light bulbs aren’t too harsh to create the relaxing, satisfying environment that tenants are looking for.

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