With the holidays upon us, it’s time to dig out the decor and get your space in the spirit. Don’t let the size of your rental stop you from capturing the fun-loving holiday feel you desire. Here are 8 simple ways to get your apartment merry and bright for the festivities this season:

1. Let there be light

Hanging string lights around your apartment can be the perfect way to set the holiday mood without taking up nearly any room. Opt for some fun star shaped or twinkling lights to amp up the spirit. Don’t skip the balcony or any outdoor space if you have it!

2. Decorate your door

There are many elegant and simple ways to elevate your door for the holidays. Greet your guests with a pretty wreath, a welcoming seasonal message, or some decorative ornaments. Get creative: the possibilities for your dream door decor are endless.

3. Move towards miniature

You can still create the merriest holiday ambiance without a six-foot Christmas tree. Alternatives like a mini three-foot tree, a wooden tabletop tree, or even a wall tree can be great options when trying to conserve space.

4. Celebrate with scents

Holiday spirit is more than any material object. Break out your favorite seasonal candles to add some cozy lighting and festive aromas. Gingerbread, fresh pine, cinnamon, vanilla or any other scent that brings back holiday memories will surely help you set the mood.

5. Turn on the tunes

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas carol? Create a few playlists with your favorite holiday classics for you and your guests to enjoy. A little background sound will make all the difference when amping up your rental’s holiday spirit.

6. Keep it cozy

Switch out your throw pillows and blankets for some seasonal options that will transform your space without taking up any additional room. If you don’t want Santa and snowmen all over your apartment, opt for simple red, white, or green cozy decor that will easily set the holiday scene.

7. Take advantage of table space

A handcrafted centerpiece on your kitchen table makes all the difference without making much effort. Fill a glass vase with ornaments and string lights or pine cones and fresh cut greens for a simple holiday look. To satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, leave out a bowl of mini candy canes or green and red M&M’s and really get your guests in the spirit.

8. Don’t miss the mistletoe

Although sometimes an overlooked holiday tradition, hanging mistletoe is an effortless classic that won’t overcrowd your space. Dangle it from your doorway for a fun and welcoming surprise when guests come by for holiday celebrations.