To attract renters, you must be aware of what they are looking for in order to most effectively sell a listing. While cost is important for many tenants, it is far from the only deciding factor. Let us help you stay on top of market trends by noting these 8 things renters are looking for: 

1. Location

Tenants want to live near things that are important to them. Whether it’s a place of work, school, favorite restaurants or shopping centers, renters are going to be inclined to pay more for properties close to their biggest interests.

2. Affordability

Everyone is always looking for a solid deal that is going to keep them on budget. 82% of those who moved into a rental in the past year say it’s very or extremely important.

3. In-home appliances

Going through the hassle of purchasing appliances such as refrigerators or washer and dryers amidst a big move can be a lot for a renter to handle. Already having the basics, like a stove or dishwasher can be a big plus when searching for a new property.

4. Space and storage

Renters are looking for a place to cultivate their lives and can’t do so in a cramped setting. The more room to move around and store important belongings and memories, the better. 45% of renters say their preferred square footage is a highly important factor in finding the right place to live.

5. Outdoor area

A private yard, porch, or balcony is very attractive to new tenants, especially those with pets or children. Even a small area to enjoy fresh air can set a property apart from its competition. Since COVID, outdoor areas have become the new living room and are valued by 40% of renters in a new space.

6. Cleanliness and condition

First impressions are everything and no potential tenant will envision their new life in a mucked up, unpolished environment. Make the property already feel like a home that renters can easily transition into.

7. Parking

Ample parking for residents and visitors is a sought after feature. Having to trudge long distances through pouring rain to reach your car or constantly pay a parking meter will deter potential tenants. Convenience is key in this day and age, and many renters aren’t going to settle for anything less.

8. Accommodating Landlord

Tenants want a landlord they can openly communicate with and trust to follow through with promises. Keeping up with property maintenance is a top concern among renters, and ensuring a cooperative and mutually respectful relationship is essential when obtaining new tenants.