There are so many things to consider when searching for your new apartment home. Location, proximity to public transportation, number of bedrooms, closet space and amenities are all very important when finding that perfect place. However, there is a secondary factor that is often overlooked. Now that you have found the perfect community, on which floor will you choose to live?

Many times availability will dictate this decision but, if you are given the choice, here are some factors to consider when choosing your unit.

Top Floor Living

The idea of not having noisy neighbors overhead is certainly appealing. In addition, top units often have higher ceilings leading to better views, more sunlight and a greater sense of space. These advantages will need to be weighed against potential disadvantages.

First, does your building have elevators? How many flights of stairs will you have to climb each time you return from the grocery store with 3 trips worth of bags? Also, remember that heat rises. Upper units typically see higher electric bills in the summer months. Don’t forget that, while this is a disadvantage in the hotter months, it is actually an advantage in the winter months.

Bottom Floor Living

There are some enticing amenities associated with living on the bottom floor. Typically electric costs are less while cool air reigns in lower units and hot air rises to upper units. Also, the first floor is much preferred when bringing in heavy loads and moving.

While street noise may be considered a con for bottom floor units, there is the hidden benefit of not disturbing your neighbors with late night vacuuming and your own pitter patter. Oh, along the lines of pitter patter, consider that critters and pests are more likely to visit and dwell in lower units!

Living in the Middle

When it comes to heating and cooling, the middle floor usually sees the steadiest rate of power consumption. There will most likely not be seasonal breaks and spikes in utilities, making budgeting easier and more consistent.

Also, although you will have both top and bottom neighbors, middle units don’t command a huge hike up stairs and they are not as exposed to street noise. For many apartment dwellers, the middle floor is just right!

Regardless of the floor you choose, there will always pros and cons to your decision. It’s important that you determine the most critical factors for you and choose based on those factors. Your best friend’s pick may be the least desirable choice for you. Hopefully, you aren’t planning to be roommates!