Your entryway has to serve multiple roles, from welcoming guests to providing storage for coats, bags and other essentials. If your entry suffers from a lack of usefulness and style you may be missing out on valuable storage and organizational space. 

Large storage drawers and a nice “shelf” are a great addition to any entryway created by simply adding a narrow dresser.

Another way to create space in your entryway is to add a narrow bench with underneath storage. Don’t let blank wall space go to waste either! Hanging file baskets, magnetic boards, bulletin boards and other streamlined storage can help turn a blank wall into valuable storage space.

Inexpensive metal bars are another clever storage solution. Hang large “S” hooks to serve as hangers for coats and bags. Shelves and baskets that hang from the bars can be used for books and smaller, easily misplaced, items. Hang a cork board as both a backdrop and a place to pin reminders, receipts or tickets.

Take few minutes to review your entry area. Perhaps some of these ideas will help you better utilize an overlooked space. Happy organizing!