Don’t get overwhelmed and frustrated in your search for a new apartment. While finding and leasing an apartment can be a challenging experience, there is a way to make the process much easier. Here are 7 tips to make your search and move easier!

  1. Make a list! As far as your new home is concerned, what’s most important? List specific amenities and unit features you desire. Also, be specific about location.
  2. Know your budget. Be prepared to make quick decisions, prices are constantly changing. Don’t let last minute “number crunching” cause you to miss out on a great deal!
  3. If you are going to need a co-signer, work out the formalities early. Check your credit score so you can address any issues before they become a hindrance.
  4. Schedule visits to communities once you narrow your options. Be sure to allow ample time to really see the entire property.
  5. Choose a mover or reserve a truck as soon as you have a moving date. Movers and rental companies tend to book up early, especially in the popular moving months of summer. Go ahead and start gathering moving supplies such as boxes, packing materials and tape.
  6. While packing, be diligent about labelling boxes. Sort and purge! Go through everything to decide what you should keep and what you can get rid of. Take unwanted items to a local charity or consignment store.
  7. Make a list of utilities that need to be disconnected, connected or transferred. Once your lease date is set, make calls to ensure you are not without power or water. It’s always a good idea to leave the utilities connected at your old address a few days after your move out date. If your timing is a bit off, you don’t want to be stuck packing in the dark!