Does it seem like you’re draining your bank account in order to stay social with your friends? Do you dread reviewing your bank account Monday morning? Good news! You don’t have to choose between your social life and your bank account. It is possible to find a good balance using some smart budgeting and money savings tips to have a full social life, without going broke!

Re-Frame Social Events

There are all sorts of things you can do to be social with your friends. Don’t get caught in a rut going to expensive bars and night clubs for entertainment.  Instead of hitting the town, suggest having a get-together at your apartment with pizza and a few drinks. Pack a picnic and head over to your local park. Throw a Frisbee with a pal. Go on a bike ride. Go to a museum. Take a walk with friends or just relax in the sun. Does your community have an outdoor space? This is the perfect excuse to have friends over and save some money.

Take Advantage of Free Transportation

If you live in a bike-friendly city, cycle to your destination. Not only will you shed some pounds you will also be able to travel throughout the entire city for free! Public transportation and cab fees can quickly pile up. If you decide to hit the town for the night, suggest a neighborhood bar that you and your friends can walk to.

Search for Specials

Check your city for websites listing food and drink specials. You can also download apps like Groupon, LivingSocial and Happy Hour Finder. Groupon will help you find and purchase great deals on restaurants and activities in your city. LivingSocial is similar to Groupon but is more focused on unique things to do and can even help you find deals on travel. Happy Hour Finder is available nationwide to find the best local deals on post-work activities.  Ask friends if they use other apps to find deals and save money.

Look for Free Events

Summer is the prime time for free outdoor events. Local magazines and newspapers often list free, or cheap, events and festivals in your area. Check the listings often and ask your friends to join you. If your weekend is already filled with plans that don’t cost anything, there’s less of a chance of accidentally spending too much.

With some smart budgeting and money saving tricks you can find a good balance between your social life and your bank account!