“Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  -William Morris

Make your house truly feel like home by adding some modern design elements that will make your space uniquely yours!

Statement Wall

Long have designers been pushing the concept of accent walls – one wall in a room that’s a different color than the rest. But that concept is now being taken further with mural art and personal artistic expression. So ditch the accent wall and go for a Statement Wall – a wall adorned with a mural! You can find wallpaper murals online, design and paint a mural yourself, or commission a local artist to create a mural for you. It will give your space a personality that is yours and yours alone.

Take Advantage of the KonMari Craze

Before heading to a traditional home goods store or turning to an online retailer to furnish your home, stop at your local second-hand store. With the craze earlier this year around the KonMari Method and Tidying Up, people have been purging their homes of all kinds of items that no longer spark joy…for them. But they might just spark joy for you! You’re likely to find some incredible, gently-used items for a steal. And you’ll be upcycling/recycling which is far more sustainable than purchasing new anyways!

Use Your Windowsills

We often forget about windowsills, but they are valuable space in our homes (did you know that in Hong Kong, windowsills and window bays are included in the total listed Gross Floor Area of residential units?!).) So let’s use them – for plants, for stacks of books, for displaying candles or keepsakes. Don’t waste that space!

Bold Bathrooms

We’ve seen a trend away from stark white, perfectly sterile bathrooms in favor of residential loos that are full of personality from the floor up! In your bathroom, consider a boldly designed tile or a colorful pattern of tiles to add interest and character. Not sure you want to tackle the tile? Search for a bold and playful wallpaper pattern that will make your bathroom memorable.