One room at a time

One practical approach to interior design and home furnishing is to start with the room where you spend the most time. For some that’s the kitchen, for others it’s the family room. Wherever you start, stay within your budget, define your theme, select your colors and have some fun. View our Gallery for Ideas, visit new home models and check out Pinterest. Make your home special – one room at a time.

Work within your space

Measure each room and determine the optimal layout. Find furnishings that fit easily within your space. If the room is small, search for those special small pieces that complement the room. You want each room in your home to feel spacious and to feel comfortable, regardless of size. Paint selection, millwork & trim, lighting and décor – each facet of your design should welcome and charm guests.

Plan ahead from ceiling to floor

Remember, your draperies, furnishings, artwork and family heirlooms will be diminished if your flooring selection or wall colors are lacking. View several videos in Your Home TV for ideas on interior color schemes and flooring options. As you work each room, texture & paint ceilings & walls first, then install trim and flooring and then furnish the room. Plan ahead so everything comes together perfectly, from ceiling to floor.

Room layout and color trends

You want each room in your home to display some character and charm, but it’s wise to select colors that transition easily from room to room. An easy flow of similar colors, with a supporting trend in decor works well. While your home theatre room or man-cave nook may be more defined, the overall theme of your home should be consistent. Loud colors and random furniture selections should be avoided.

Tell a story

We’ve all been there – to that home – the one with all the stories. Some homes tell of a family’s heritage, or speak through interesting antiques, or items collected from a foreign land, and others have framed pictures on the walls that record the growth of the family business over 50 years. These homes are remembered, and they’re unique. Do you have any stories to tell? Share them with your guests.

Reflect your community

Do you love where you live? Design and furnish your home to reflect the culture and essence of your surroundings. Showcase your wonderful community through furniture designs, art or pictures of your community – cityscape, mountain vista, or views of historic downtown – whatever introduces your guests to the community you call home.

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