In the competitive real estate world, your listing could easily be overlooked. It is crucial to write an impressionable rental ad in order to stay above the noise and quickly secure the most desirable tenant for your property. Here are 5 tips on how to write a solid ad that will produce timely results:

1. Keep listing detailed but to the point

When competing with hundreds of other rentals, it’s important to quickly and clearly state what you are offering in the headline to get the right tenants’ attention. Start with the basics: price, number of beds and baths, location, and one differentiating feature. Making sure renters are well informed from the get-go can save a lot of time in the listing process. Once potential tenants are sure a property is what they are looking for, including details like, square footage, additional fees, and lease duration is key to securing the right renter.

2. Highlight most desirable features

Flaunting unique features will help set your property apart and make a memorable mark on renters. Natural light, excessive storage space, in-home appliances, and ample parking are all great features to consider. Choosing a few enticing descriptive words such as “warm,” “spacious,” “intimate,” “charming,” or “classic,” can also be effective in making your property stand out.

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3. Provide eye catching photos

Many ads will get lost in the crowd if there are less than 10 photos available and if they are poor quality. Make sure you capture all of the major rooms and utilize natural lighting to showcase the property at its best. Provide images of unique or desirable features including any outdoor space or anything else enticing in the listing. 60% of renters say the photos of a property are extremely important or very important- don’t underestimate the power of judging a book by its cover.

4. Feature nearby or shared amenities

Renters want to know how close they are to their everyday activities. Highlighting nearby features such as grocery stores, parks or trails, shopping malls, a lively nightlife, restaurants, or museums can be a great way to give renters a sense of the community, as well as ensuring a convenient location for particular lifestyles.

Stating shared amenities, like a community pool, gym or office area, can also appeal to tenants and set apart your property.

5. Be straightforward with restrictions and policies

If renters aren’t made explicitly aware of certain policies regarding pets, noise, smoking or parking rules of your property from the start, you could end up wasting a lot of time and forfeiting profit. Make sure you are upfront with disclosing any restrictions in order to avoid attracting the wrong tenants for your listing. It’s important to highlight all your property has to offer, but don’t shy away from stating stipulations just because certain renters may view them as a negative.

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